YES! Biz Net- brings women together to Connect, Collaborate & Co-mingle.  The YES Biz Net is committed to inspiring, educating, and empowering women to create their ideal business & life. We provide the ultimate experience for Supreme Success, Bold Blissfulness, and Forever Freedom for your Business and in your Life.

YES! Biz Net, founded by “Marv the Motivational Mistress” is a safe space for women to promote the advancement of women in business and in life. YES! Biz Net is recognized as a progressive and focused network of women who stand together to mentor, advance and support one another in business and life.

YES! Biz Net, promotes and enhances the success of business professionals and entrepreneurs, by providing tools and experience, equipping women with the know how for  professional business growth and personal success, and by building relationships and alliances to influence and transform your business and life.

YES! Biz Network for Women

Our programs, meetings and events are designed for “Keeping it REAL” conversations & motivational messages while have Amazing Fun. Our mission is to connect, share stories and provide support for women entrepreneurs & business professionals in a way where you feel seen, heard, and inspired.

Join The YES! Team

As a member of the YES! Biz Network Squad , you get FREE access to subscriber-only resources to help you create your ideal life and business, this will including members only meet-ups, book klub babes, conferences, seminar workshops, and webinars! YES members will also receive DISCOUNTS on the most powerful programs.