About Marv

 (Marv) Cox is a Wife, Mother & YES-preneur

Marv is a Serial Entrepreneur who has managed to craft a fantastic lifestyle for herself, by everyday doing the things that she loves!! Over the years Marv and her Co-Preneur husband Adrian Cox have created, owned, operated businesses ranging from Child Care Centers to Summer Camps to Copy and Print Centers, to a Multi-Million dollar Non-Profit organization, to Real Estate Holdings and Consulting Services just to skim the surface.

Marv’s Events are highly anticipated by 100’s of women who seek a clearer focus on their goals and a more intimate connection with themselves.
Marv has the extremely unique gift of connecting with women! She has taken that connection and combined it with her fun and spirited desire to Motivate and Mingle and launched her YesBizNetwork! YesBizNetwork.com leverages Marv’s talents of Entrepreneurship and Motivation and adds a pinch of Mixing and Mingling in order to provide a truly fun and empowering environment through regular Edu-Taining Biz Mixers!

Female entrepreneurs gain strength and knowledge by coming together in intimate and revitalizing group settings in order to bond and share stories, and embrace and achieve YES-Success! Success that is defined by our own terms and own definitions as determined by each individual women. Marv invites today’s woman to join the Yes! Biz Network in order to leverage the energy of a sincere and empowered network of woman who know that SUCCESS is not solely a “Mans Game”! YES! Biz Network for Women is currently launching a six week YES4BizSuccess Program that is designed to help women get radically specific about enhancing their lives and growing their business. Join the Movement! Achieve your Goals! Harness your Badd-Assery! Get Motivated! Feed your Desire to SUCCEED!
Yes Biz Network!
Marv is also the co-author of Motivation, Money & Matromony (co-written with her husband Adrian Cox) which includes tips on Business and Money & Marriage! ( https://www.amazon.com/Motivation-Money-Matrimony-Couples-Mastery/dp/132960427X )